Creating The Littles Brand





I've been wanting to get back to my love of fabrics, designing and sewing for awhile but really didn't have a good reason to...and then a little spark was born :) The start of this new collection came with the news of Carissa (the lovely owner of Tusc Boutique, where you can buy Spectrum Jewelry) expecting! So with her contagious optimism and prompting I looked into if I could pull off adding a whole new line under the Spectrum umbrella. After a month of research, adding up the numbers, making lots of patterns and prototypes, and finding suppliers I decided to go for it. Time to add something new and I love creating new brands! 

P.S. If you are local to Wilmington the Spectrum Littles is now available to shop in-store at Tusc Boutique!! 21 North Front Street, Wilmington NC 28401:





I chose the name "littles" because that's exactly who the products are for! The sweet littles in your life :) From newborn to tot, there will be a range of pieces for your little luv.

As for the letter-mark, I wanted it to feel unassuming, soft, special, and personal. So I pulled out my ink, brushes, and a LOT of paper (because I hate my handwriting), and after many tries it came together! Twinkles and all :)




I want to offer soft, natural and sweet little pieces that anyone would love to put their little one in. I'll be using all organic buttery soft onesies, natural untreated kiln dried wood beads with natural dyes, and beautiful fabrics and trims that will make you swoon.



Keep your ear to the ground! Or to Instagram :) Follow @spectrumhandcrafted.

Ok, I'll give you a hint. If all goes well, in May. If you can't wait till then, pop in to shop the Littles Collection at TUSC boutique in Wilmington, NC on Front St. 

Julia Riffel