My wish is for you to enjoy these lovelies for a long time and for them to stay looking the same as the day you purchased them. In order for that to happen, please read the following information before you make your purchase. Each order placed is made with the understanding that you have read the following information.

Wood, leather, clay and other natural materials are not indestructible and needs to be handled with care and clean hands to keep it looking it's best. The best way to keep your items looking their best is to keep them in a room temperature climate that is dry and away from any hard and sharp edged objects or fabric that sheds lint to protect the surface. Especially if it is a painted item. I know we all like to throw our jewelry into one container or mixed on top of a dresser, but this will endanger the integrity of the item. Rather, keep your purchase separate from other jewelry that could tangle, scratch, dent  or cause stress to the item. Each purchase will come with a cotton bag ideal for it's storage. Wood is beautiful but softer and more delicate than metal. Know that oxidization is a natural occurrence for metals and they may tarnish over time. Don't pull or fiddle on the chain for this will cause stress on the jump rings, clasp, and links and will cause it to break. 

Damage may occur if you do not follow these precautions. Damage items due to improper care, handling, or storage will not be eligible for refunds or repair. 

Please see Terms & Conditions for the full return policy.

God made us all unique and we all have different bodies, so a 24" chain might not look the same on everyone. If you'd like to shorten the chain on your Spectrum necklace and you have wire cutters and pliers, it's a quick fix. Simply snip and re-clamp the chain links  at the desired length, clamping the links closed firmly. 

If you don't feel comfortable with the chain length when you receive it and want to send it back to be shortened for a fee, I'd be glad to help you out! You'll be charged return and follow-up shipping, as well as a fix fee of $5. 

If you know you would like the chain length adjusted when ordering, include the specific length request in the message area or email us immediately after placing the order and there will be no charge. 

Spectrum prides itself on customer care and quality. We want you to love your handcrafted goods! Please contact us with questions or concerns.